Typographic Book

This book set an excerpt from Kafka on the Shore, a novel by Haruki Murakami. The goal was to translate the meaning of the words through expressive typography.

85 Days

This project was a challenge to create 85 different versions of a single letter, in my case, "Q". I developed the designs throughout the school semester (85 days long) and then created a final booklet showcasing them.

Film Title Sequence

Concept: In our increasingly digital, connected world, financial deals have gone electronic. A new kind of criminal has taken over bank robberies. They’ve traded out guns for laptops, and the rewards are immense. Their new virus allows they to manipulate the stock market to generate massive gains. As their dealings begin to come to light, panic spreads through the world. The trust holding together the market is shattered and people rush to cash out their accounts. As the entire financial system teeters on the brink, so too does society.

News App

This school project challenged me to take a Toronto Area Newspaper, and design an easy-to-use app. The goal would be to make the content appealing and easily accessible to a younger audience. I choose a school newspaper, rebranded it, and developed the app design. 

Silencing Eve Dust Jacket

Three variations for a redesign of a dust jacket.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

This cover concept comes from one of my typography classes. The color scheme, which evokes both space and a sense of adventure. The idea of age and use was inspired by the titular object, a digital travel guide carried throughout the story. The typeface is my own design, drawing from the electronic/digital aspect. This is carried on through a glitch texture applied to the letters.

The Road Ahead

This short stop-motion was in fact highly challenging. Having never worked with the medium before, I had to spend a while experimenting with my workflow. The basic elements were drawn in Illustrator, before being moved to InDesign. This program allowed me to repeat, layer, and incrementally animate the various elements, before exporting every frame as a JPG file. The last step was setting the frame rate and adding sound in Premiere Pro.

Dream Poster Series

These posters are the culmination of a semester-long design project at OCAD University. Starting from a single concept - dream - I designed type treatments, lettermarks, and a 3D object. After pulling design elements from all these stages, I added my own photography to make this series.

Music Poster Series

This project explored visual elements of art and design. All elements are vector drawn, and each represents a simple building block of design. The “ƒ” from a violin or treble and bass clefs represent letter-form, the guitar has a beautiful shape, the guitar picks are distorted dots, the cable follows the form of a line, and the vinyl record contains texture produced by the grooves in its surface.

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